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Pacific Aviation Museum, NOAA and U. S. Fish and Wildlife Services hosted The Battle of Midway Symposium on Ford Island, HI. here are excerpts from their websites.

June 2017 marked the 75th anniversary of the Navy’s and the nation’s most histori-cally significant naval victory. Midway is a tiny, remote atoll which was, 75 years ago, one of the most strategically important few square miles of land in the world.   June 3 to 7, 1942 changed the tide of the war in the Pacific and the course of world history. During the four-day sea-and-air battle, the outnumbered U.S. Pacific Fleet succeeded in destroying four Japanese aircraft carriers while losing only one of its own, the Yorktown, to the previously invincible Japanese navy.

The symposium explored the origins and outcomes of the battle from both sides of the conflict through presentations and in-depth discussions.

Speakers included Craig Symonds, author of “Battle of Midway” and Jonathan Parshall, author “Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway.” 

U.S. Pacific Fleet honored the personnel of Station Hypo and the breaking of the Japanese code, which played a pivotal role in the victory at the Battle of Midway.

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Midway Island is now included in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument and is closed to the public.  ‘Āina Momona - Place of Abundance  The near pristine remote reefs, islands, and waters provide refuge and habitat for a wide array of threatened and endangered species. Manō (sharks) and ‘Ulua (jacks) dominate the underwater landscape. The region also provides critical nesting and foraging grounds for 14 million seabirds making it the largest tropical seabird rookery in the world.  

NOAA offices at Hickam offer videos of remote research submarine voyages and interactive displays.

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