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                           As an investor in Honolulu real estate I have personally seen that

                           wealth can be built through property ownership in Hawaii.  

                                 Our office handles all aspects real estate

                                property management, rentals, sales and purchases.  

                                      Owning condos in Waikiki is a great way to

                                                 invest for a secure future.  

                         The international mix of people provides a cushion

                               from economic fluctuations of the mainland USA.

                         A shortage of housing keeps rents high.  All of this translates into good

                             investment conditions, and a good reason to buy.   I owned here long

                            before  becoming a resident, because it was profitable.   I have been involved with real estate since the mid 1980’s through many real estate purchases, sales and rental properties. Property ownership has always been a part of my own monetary strategy.  Take advantage of my knowledge of real estate related tax and accounting learned through

my business degree, several past small business ownerships including a 

                                                 H & R Block Tax Franchise ownership,

                                                         and Trustee of a Self Directed 401K.                                                                                                              Many people do not realize

                                                               they may be able to use 401K Plan Fund

                                                                      monies to buy real estate,

                                                                       even while still working.

I am detail oriented and eager to provide the information you need to make your best decision. We can establish what you expect from me as your realtor.  Find the properties that are a good fit for you, your prefernces matter. I want to be involved in your next real estate transaction, whether investment or home ownership.   Envision your future to include Hawaii real estate, clearly understanding what you are looking for will help us to succeed in accomplishing our goals.

Real estate is my passion.  Don’t become overwhelmed with real estate choices!  Hawaii's diverse, unique real estate market with leasehold, fee available, fee simple, regular and land court systems etc. can be a challenge, I can provide you with the pertinent information you need to make the buying/selling process simpler.  I will be prepared, perceptive, proficient, punctual, persistent and professional.  CALL ME TODAY DOLLY OZOLS 808 209 4444.  Search MLS listings click here or from the Honolulu Real Estate page and find out more.

Contact Dolly for more information.

       614 Kapahulu Avenue 

       Honolulu, HI 96815

       Senior Real Estate Specialist Designation

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